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Are you an app developer or publisher?

Want me to test and review your app?

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1 app review on my blog
3 days delivery
(1 day +$5)






3 app reviews on my blog
5 days delivery
(3 days +$10)







8 app reviews on my blog
10 days delivery
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Custom orders



Any special requirements
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Copywriting services

Thanks to the advanced writing skills I can fulfill Topandroidzone blog with high-quality and interesting information. The world of mobile applications is growing like a black hole in a geometrical progression, so there is a sense to focus attention on a particular direction. Within my eyeshot are social and communication apps, that both make your social life more comfortable and the communication process more straightforward.


If your app refers to this topic, then you don’t need to go further. You already found what you need. On this page, I offer you reports and articles about different applications that one way or another touch our social life. The written content I produce aims to engage more readers and explain the necessity of using your app.


Ordering Topandroidzone copywriting service, you will get:

  • Taking into consideration all your feedback wishes: from set-up to completion.
  • The content and style of individual writing assignments according to customer purposes.
  • Engagement of the target audience.
  • Key messages in my articles about your product.
  • Fresh and exciting angles for your articles.
  • Input the content to your content management software (CMS), if required.
Communication workshops

Communicating the world with the help of the apps is good, but never enough. Sooner or later live conversation would be required. And here comes my second block of services.


Communication psychology’ workshops with Matt is the best way to boost your social skills and to get rid of shyness and timidity.


Loads of people ask me how to find new friends, maintain good relationships with the old ones, to communicate with the colleagues or boss, or with subordinates. All these questions are about communication and psychology. And on my classes, I give the answers to the most relevant of them.


Sharing your thoughts and empathy to another person’s feelings are essential skills for living in any society. So there is no surprise that difficulty with communication is the #1 issue that we struggle within our lives.


During my communication lessons you will learn about:


  • The most common models of communication.
  • The mistakes that we usually make communicating with each other.
  • Models of effective communications.
  • Methods of boosting your communication skills.
  • Finding own communication style.
  • How to deal effectively with emotions and conflicts.
  • How to be good at listening as well.
  • Rephrasing for better relationships.
  • How to deal with difficult people.
  • How to handle adverse situations


Communication skills play an essential part in determining an individual’s work effectiveness and career success. So make sure you have excellent communication skills for business, marketing, leadership and daily life. If the good verbal connection does not come naturally to you, then Matt’s communication workshop is the thing you need.


Learning how to communicate openly and healthily to make your life content and bright. Join my course, and you’ll get the super-skill you always dreamed. Select your type of learning or write me to discuss, how often you want to attend these classes.

2-month team program

  • 16 lessons.
  • Not more than ten people in the group.
  • Comfortable schedule for morning or evening occupied.
  • $480 for the course ($30 per one lesson). 450$ if you pay on the first lesson

Individual program

  • Flexible schedule.
  • You choose the comfortable location: in my office or at your home
  • Individual selection of topics.
  • Individual home tasks according to your abilities.
  • $50 per lesson, special price for 15 and more classes.
If you are interested in showcasing your app on my blog, in my copywriting services or communication workshops contact me:


If you have any special requirements for reviews state them in the Your Message section of the contact form below. Prices can differ for the custom orders.