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About me

Hi there! I’m Matt, nice to meet you!


You know, I’ve been an extrovert as long as I remember: I had plenty of friends as a kid, as a teenager, and as a college student, without mentioning my big family with countless cousins who also happened to be my friends 🙂 Now I have a wide social circle: friends, coworkers (and that family of mine remains as big as it was). And apps are helping me to keep it that way tremendously.


Having your social life right in your pocket is convenient. And various apps help us with that on a daily basis: keeping in touch with an old friend, meeting new people, keeping up with work stuff – we can have all our updates, and we can have them now!


I’ve created this blog wishing it to become some kind of a social encyclopedia in the apps world – full of reviews and test-drives of various social and communication apps, popular, as well as not so well-known ones.


I really hope my reviews will come in handy and maybe help you discover new cool apps you’ve never heard about.
Fulfilling the blog about apps is not my only hobby. As an extrovert and a great communication-expert-in-practice I am interested in psychology. And of course, my favorite section is the psychology of communication. The acquirement of its basics and secret hacks can be especially relevant for business, marketing, leadership and overall communication skills.


Sharing the communication knowledge with people and helping them to use their achievements in practice is my big priority. So I can help you to solve the communication problems and feel yourself more skilful interlocutor. This course is available for individual or team study. And I will be glad to find you among my new clients.
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    Are you a fan of live streaming video and walkie-talkie? Zello PTT is a push-to-talk Android and iOS app for PCs, mobile phones, and tablets. It allows users searching worldwide channels about various interests which can be either public or password-protected. The app is pretty......

  • Will you Tell a Secret with Wickr Me?

    Most people use WhatsApp, Kik and other Android and iOS apps to communicate with each other, but what about their privacy and security? No one wants to put its confidentiality at risk. Wickr Me is one of the most reliable and safe platforms with encrypted......