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Find Like-minded People with Amino: Communities and Chats

Hello, guys! Today I’m going to tell you about this cool app called Amino that lets you find people who share your interests. No matter what are you interested in, be it anime, Minecraft, comedy movies or even cookies – there is a community for everyone!

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1 year ago

Interface – 7/10

I have to tell you, the Amino interface may be hard to navigate at first, at least it was for me. You will probably need some time to get used to it, but I’m sure you’ll finally figure that out as I did. On the bright side, the design is cheerful and bright (pun intended), and I believe this kind of app dedicated to your hobbies and interests should have such colorful styling. Let’s leave boring and strict design to apps for study and work.

Features – 7/10

With Amino, you can join communities of people who share your interests and even create your own groups. As I mentioned before, there are lots of communities about pretty much everything: books, movies, music, art, lifestyle, you name it. Each community has its own guidelines that typically encourage members to be supportive and watch their language which is nice.

Once you joined a community, you can see its users’ posts and make your own ones. Moreover, you can chat with other group members, make free video calls, and even ask questions about your hobby – there is a special tab for that. Amino also features funny quizzes which are a cherry on top of this app =)

While sharing posts and photos, remember that anyone can become your follower and view your posts, so be cautious about what kind of content you’re sharing. It’s not clear whether users can opt out of such public searches or not, so I recommend you to read the Amino privacy policy to make your experience with this app as comfortable as possible. When you make a post in a public community it’s also visible to all other members.

Performance and User Experience – 8/10

In a nutshell, I like using the Amino app to keep up with the latest news about my interests that include Game of Thrones, Minecraft, and, of course, cookies. Mostly, people are sweet and kind to each other which was a nice surprise for me. I believe that when it comes to sharing interests and discussing hobbies it’s extremely important to find like-minded people who are also nice and supportive. So far, Amino serves this purpose pretty well.

Devices Compatibility – 7/10

The Amino app is compatible with iOS-based as well as Android-based devices. You also can check out other users’ blogs via browsers, without having the app on your smartphone. But in that case, the formatting sometimes appears funny, and the background color may change as opposed to that of the original post. If such details matter to you maybe geting the Amino app will be a great solution.

The Verdict

I believe the Amino app is a great social-networking tool for meeting new people and discussing whatever you’re passionate about. That is a generally positive and friendly digital space with lots of active users.

This app would be extremely useful for those who have troubles finding folks with the same interests in real life as well as for shy and socially awkward people. And if you already have a real-life community of like-minded people and want to expand your network, Amino will also come in handy.






Performance and User Experience


Devices Compatibility



  • There are tons of communities, so the chances of meeting like-minded people are extremely high;
  • Most users tend to be nice and kind to each other;
  • Bright design that suits this kind of app.


  • The interface may seem to be hard to navigate at first;
  • There are so many communities that finding the ones you like may take some time;
  • When reading the browser version of blogs, some minor formatting issues may occur.
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